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Left to Write.

Left to Write.

a blog by Colin Bullock.

How To Make Gravy.

Here is a cover of an Awesome Christmas song by Paul Kelly,

The story behind this is a guy Joey gets thrown in jail on the 21st of December, realising he is not going to be home for Christmas he calls his friend Dan, and the song is a conversation between him and Dan talking about keeping his children safe on Christmas and not to hit on wife, though he regrets saying that.

His job at Christmas time was to make the gravy, so whos gonna make the gravy now,I bet it wont taste the same.





I recently watched this indie-documentry called "Carts Of Darkness" it's an insight into a "movement" if you will of homeless bottle collectors in North Vancouver who bomb hills riding shopping trollys.

There was a lot of humour, joking around, friendship and good times. The film is a celebration and a meditation of what it means to be alive on the margins. The cruelty of life on the margins comes through not long after the laughter stops. An hour long documenty, worth a watch.







Blind Pilot Live @ El Ray Theatre L.A 18.11.11

I went to see Blind Pilot @ The El Ray Theatre on Friday The 18th of November, this was such a amazing show! These guys had a full house of fans that sang every word to every song. A very inspiring night indeed. Here are a couple shots and a video I captured. Check out there music here you be glad you did :)



I love running through a flock of birds on the beach, not sure they find it as humerous as i do.



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