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Left to Write.

Left to Write.

a blog by Colin Bullock.

The Dunwells.

Here's a sweet tune called "I could Be a King" from the Dunwells, I wanted to share with you guy's they have a little buzz right now, I feel like this song could do really well, what do you think?





I good friend of mine introduced me to Ed Sheeran a while ago, I checked it out..but wasn't sold straight away, must have been the track I heard first, actually I think it was the production on his albums is geared towards selling this fabulous young artist to the masses, It left me wanting more. I mean it's good, but to me the recordings on the album didn't capture the essence of what this guy is trying to portray. But hey, that's what the major label's will do in order to sell records..and sell it did! So who am I to judge.
It wasn't till i heard him live that I was in awe of this young kid.
Here is his performance of "Lego House" at The Brit Awards, It's awesome! Just him and a guitar. No stupid dancers dressed up like zombies distracting you from the mediocre music, no backing tracks, no pretty face.. just talent, but thats all he needs cos he has bucket loads of it!


Bree Singing With Passenger :)

I Blogged a little while ago about an artist called Passenger who has been blowing my mind for the past couple of years, i'm stoked to see that my sister Bree Bullock has been performing with him and got the chance to shoot a video for a song from his new record titled "All the Little Lights". Here It is iI hope you enjoy it as much as I do. - Cb



Matt Corby.

Matt Corby - Brother:

I know this song has been out for a while and I have been listening to it for some time now, but I just saw this performance of it and just sat in awe.. this guy has such a rad vibe going on, it's very much like Bon Iver with traces of Jeff Buckley with echoes of Nick Drake, watch the entire song it gets intense. enjoy.


Kathleen Edwards - Voyageur

Super pumped on the new Kathleen Edwards record "Voyageur"

This album was produced by Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) who was responsible for what I think was the best album of 2011 Bon Iver - "Bon Iver"

Well, I think he's done it again with this one, you can totally feel his vibe throughout the record, there are some familar sounds with the percussion and odditys from the Bon Iver album that feature on "Voyageur". Kathleen's voice is as soulful as always, the production on this album my gain her some new fans from the indie scene that she may not have had from previous releases.  If your already on-board with her previous three albums than I think you'll be more than satisfied with this collection. highlights from the album for me are:  "Soft Place to Land" "Change The Sheets" "Going To Hell" and "For The Record"

Take a listen you wont regret spending time with this one.



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